The 2018 Innovations in Industry Technical Conference will have limited space for Exhibitors to display & market their focus sectors.


Exhibitor Space Constraints


This will be done on the following basis:


  • 1x provided table for display purposes (approx 1-1.5m x 1.0m)
  • 1x seat per exhibitor space
  • Exhibitor space will be against either a wall or glass windows
  • Exhibitors will be allowed banners behind their table & seats
    • banners must not exceed the width of the supplied table
    • banners must not overlap into other exhibitor's space
  • Exhibitors are requested to make their displays as interactive & visual as possible
  • Exhibitor space will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Exhibitors will be required to have their space set-up and ready before 08:00 on the day of event
    • an option to set up the evening before can be arranged with the organisers on an inidividual basis
    • the venue will be locked overnight
  • Exhibitors who wish to attend the Event Sessions will still have to register as Delegates via the Register form on this site


Exhibitor Space Requests


Request for an Exhibitor space/stall must be made directly to





where all required submission details will be then emailed back in response.


Exhibitor Space Costs


The cost for a single exhibitor space for the event is R2,500.00, payable upfront - payment details will be included in the submission details on response email from application.



Any further enquiries must be directed via the above two emails exclusively.